Client testimonials from new homeowners!

John and his team say their goal is to provide 100% satisfaction. In our case, it was more like 200%. This was my third mortgage with John and his team at Mainstreet, and they again proved to be helpful, knowledgeable, and completely engaged in making sure we were successful. As long as John and Mainstreet are in the business, they will have my business. I can’t imagine even considering anyone else.

Daniel K.

John and the team went above and beyond in helping us get into our first home. They went to bat for us with the lender, with the agents, and were extremely helpful in getting our paperwork in order. Mainstreet got us an excellent rate and saved us a lot of money in the process!

Todd M.

John and his team are nothing short of outstanding and I would definitely recommend the team to anyone looking to purchase a home!

Norris R.

This company went over our expectations. Everything was done very quickly on a timely manner and they answered all our questions, always there to listen to us and answer anything that we had going on. This was the best experience we’ve ever had.

Mary M.

Mainstreet Mortgage and their team, with John Mallett’s leadership, provide 5 star service from beginning to end and treated us all like their own family. We can’t thank them enough.

Eloise C.

Your team was always one step ahead and fulfilled your commitments days early. My client was very happy with your service and loan package.

Mark R.

Without question, this was the smoothest transaction with a lender. John, you and your team surpassed everyone’s expectation with the best follow up and communication I have ever experienced. Each of you made the process feel effortless! I cannot wait to work with you again.

Jeanna A.

Thank you so much. Great job. Robin and I appreciate all the help provided by you and everyone at Main Street Mortgage. You can count on us for a reference ant time you need one.

Ben M.

Thank so very much for your support and guidance through this process. We are truly very grateful to you.

Alex N.

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