At MainStreet Mortgage, we guide and educate clients based on three fundamental mantras coined by John W. Mallett, America’s Homeownership Coach™, which form the basis of our unique approach to building wealth and well-being through homeownership. When followed, these principles result in our clients’ successful purchase of their home and lay a strong foundation for sustained homeownership. We also apply these principles in underwriting, structuring and submitting loans for approval.

Most financing professionals and focus solely on “how to buy a home”. That accounts for only one of a three-pronged approach, however. Purchasing a home is a sprint that includes getting qualified, identifying your dream home, getting a loan approved, and closing. The process can take as little as thirty days but, if you need to improve your credit or increase income, it may take far longer. And, after buying, the big question is: “What is a successful homeownership strategy for the next 30 years?” Answering that is what makes our client education and underwriting process different.


MainStreet Mortgage is known for this mantra, which is the first principle we teach clients, since owning a home is more advantageous to renting. Our guidance is based on in-depth research and offers compelling stories and case studies. Consider this statistic: the median net worth of U.S. homeowners is $230,000 – forty-six times greater than that of renters’ $5,000! The soft benefits of owning a home also include the fact that married homeowners are 50% less likely to divorce and their children do better in school. One study found the incidence of childhood asthma to be lower in homes their family owns.

Client testimonials and interviews demonstrate the positive changes in people’s lives, as they transition from renting to homeownership, including for repeat buyers. Knowing the substantive improvements they can experience, we help clients with underwriting and getting loans approved. We diligently explore all possibilities, even for the most challenging situations, in ways that eventually lead to loan approval while ensuring that the terms we find lead to responsible and sustained homeownership.


The second concept associated with our approach is the “drive to buy”™. The purchase process can be overwhelming and filled with anxiety and uncertainty for most, including buyers looking to downsize or upsize. Once a client locks on the idea of buying a home, it creates a “we will find a way” focus. This incentivizes people to seek a raise, budget, save for a down payment or ask family or friends for funds. Our strategies can pave the way for loan approval and a successful home purchase.


Our third key principle is that “homeownership is a sacred trust”™. Before the sub-prime crisis upended millions of lives, many used their home as an ATM against which they drew funds to buy more property, expensive cars or go on vacations. We replace this misguided view with an approach that can lead to financial security and become the foundation of your family’s long-term wealth. That is the tactic we employ and our goal in underwriting and structuring loans for approval. Taking from my “Buy Your First Home Today” book, understand that you are not just buying a house. Your home is the setting for many of your most rewarding experiences.

  1. Your home should not be used as your private bank or have debt piled up against it.
  2. Only borrow money against your home to improve your home, raise its value, or make it more livable.
  3. Diligently pay off your loan, so your home can be the cornerstone of long-term financial security. Owning your home outright means you no longer have to earn a traditional income – especially when housing costs can be 45% to 55% of gross income.
  4. Your home is an investment unlike any other. The return on investment in the home where you live, raise your children, and grow old with your partner, involves the experiences shared there and the security it provides into retirement. That is priceless!

If you follow our “homeownership is a sacred trust” tenet, your family will always be grateful.

MainStreet Mortgage’s mission, purpose and goal are to provide you with the tools to navigate the complex and often frustrating process of financing and purchasing your dream home. We invite you to join us for a free webinar that will provide an in-depth look at our strategies and a step-by-step map to homeownership success. Please contact Gina Costigan for the times and dates of our next webinar at 818-874-9900